Ali Gidfar

Ali achieved his lifelong goal and got his start as an architect in New York City at the office of I.M.Pei and partners, where he worked on the Bank of China in Hong Kong, The Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington D.C., as well as the San Francisco Main Library, among others. These Pei years instilled a deep appreciation of the science of building constructability and detailing for both technical and visual excellence.

Returning to Colorado in 1993, he continued his involvement with prominent projects around the world and the US, including the Inchon International airport in Seoul, Tokyo Midtown in Tokyo, and the renovation and expansion of Queens Center in New York City. He moved on to the Mills Corporation, a major development company, where he oversaw the ongoing renovation of 600,000 square feet of the Del Amo fashion in Los Angeles.

Ali has collaborated in the design of multiple multifamily projects, and developed a keen interest in the creation of public and private spaces that foster quality personal living in tandem with community spaces that encourage interpersonal interaction that strengthen community bonds.

These large projects brought with them planning and design experience that has been instrumental in completing smaller buildings, including the Valdez Perry Branch library for the City of Denver. Ali has transferred that expertise into the development of multiple private residences in Colorado.

Ali attended CU Boulder, where he received a Business degree, followed by a Master of Architecture degree in 1985 from the University of Texas at Austin.


Drawing on decades of experience in planning, design and construction of diverse building types, Pace Development offers specialized skills that optimize the redevelopment of well-situated sites in Boulder and Denver.

Founded by architect Ali Gidfar, the guiding principle of Pace Development is to deliver a superior product. This all-encompassing ideal stretches to every aspect of developing a property. From the planning to the delivery of the project, attention to detail is of paramount importance. We focus strongly on providing a meticulous and transparent process for everyone involved with the project.

We have successfully completed projects across the US and internationally, including a series of large retail properties, multi-family housing, and luxury single-family homes. Pace Development strives to give the end users the most comfortable and enjoyable experience possible. We understand how people live, and our designs reflect that. We combine an expert eye for creating spaces that enrich lives on a personal level with the expertise to enhance the neighborhood and community at large.

At Pace Development, we know that no part of the development process can be overlooked or marginalized. This results in the best possible product, for both our end users and our investors.